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Youth Intracom donates blood to save people

With the message “A drop of blood, millions of hearts”, the program attracted a large number of youth union members and youths. From the registration table, testing to the blood collection room, taking care of all people is very busy. All preparations are carried out very early with enthusiastic guidance, ensuring every participant is best cared for.

For the first time, Mr. Nguyen Dang Dung (Intracom office staff) excitedly said: “Looking at the needle going into the body, I really feel scared but it is the lively atmosphere and enthusiasm of the young people. inspired in me the spirit of giving blood to save people. I understand that my blood drops will help those less fortunate to have the joy of staying healthy ”.

Tran Thi Cuc, an active member of Intracom with many years of participating in the blood donation festival, said: “Many times have participated, but my feelings have not changed. It is not a fear but a pride, just put the position on the patient’s family, I can understand how precious blood drops are. Every year goes by, the more I am ready and never intend to stop. “

In order to get the results of the willingness of volunteers and youth Intracom had to plan a consultation, explain the purpose and process of blood donation then mobilize to participate. Mr. Nguyen Ha An, Secretary of Youth Union of Intracom shared: “The members of the youth union need not only the effort but also the heart of enthusiasm and the ability to recognize psychological characteristics. With the spirit of “good leaves to protect the torn leaves” we will not stop mobilizing young people to donate blood, gradually bringing activities to become familiar to everyone. “

According to the representative of the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, the years of shortage of blood can still occur. The amount of blood received on the morning of December 2 will partly add to the blood bank, especially the situation of scarcity in the end of the year, to help patients promptly treat.

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