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Listen to their stories of the people within Intracom, and you will understand their dedication: 

“It’s only been 5 months since I’ve worked in Intracom, but the company has helped my growth and decide which career path should I follow. Intracom has allowed me to increase my knowledge and skill in work. And most importantly, Intracom has inspired my drive. This passion derives from my seniors, the people who are willing to help, share, and guide me for the better future of Intracom” – An employee in the marketing department shared.

“In Intracom, I get to work close to my expertise, am compelled to be proactive, and take responsibility in work. This has given me the motivation to finish my given task/mission” – An employee in the Business department shared

“Intracom has a dynamic work environment, always challenging but has no barriers. The work ethic shows the unity of workers within each department and the smooth collaboration between departments inspires me. Sometimes, there are very short deadlines but I do not falter, because my coworkers are there to support and share my burdens.” Shared by an employee in the Urban Housing Project 1.

“Intracom has accompanied Vietnam for 19 years. I have only worked for Intracom for more than a year. For me, working in Intracom is purely for my self-improvement. On that journey, I am motivated by the steady foundation of Intracom as well as employees who are motivated as I am” Shared by Intracom’s M&E staff.

“Currently, I feel blessed to have worked in Intracom. For 10 years I have gained plenty of experience and have been promoted multiple times. Under the roof of Intracom, I have gained many life lessons from Intracom’s leaders and co-workers. I have spent my youth in Intracom and for the far future I am sure I will also be in Intracom.” A staff of the Investment Department of Hydropower Project.

“At the Technical Planning Department, I get to work with centhusiasticthusiatic colleagues. With urgent projects, we worked and are always ready to work overtime to meet deadlines” Technical Planning Department staff. 

“In Intracom, I have learned many life and work lessons. Intracom is where I thrive, as well as where I attain my goals in life” – Shared by an employee within the Finance and Accounting Department.

“I have a belief that my efforts are always recognized by my leaders and my small contribution would in turn create the strength of Intracom. Under the Board of Directors’ insightful supervision, Intracom has and will unite to grow itself every day” – Shared by an employee of the Company Office.

Every comment completes the beautiful painting that is Intracom. For every member, Intracom is a home, where people don’t just work but love. Intracom will surely thrive more lively when employees share the same goal of development.

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