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Vu Lan Buddha festival calendar 2562 in Cuu Hoa Son ashram


Nam Mo Buddha Su Thich Ca Mau Ni!
Nam Mo is an idealist of the Bodhisattva

Another Vu Lan season has returned, adding a full occasion of good conditions for the children to fulfill their parents’ wishes to practice a meaningful way. On August 1, Mau Tuat, on the 11/08/2108 calendar of the Buddhist calendar 2562, in the Cuu Hoa Son Monastery solemnly organized the Vu Lan Festival of Conscience, with 400 Buddhists of the Void and friends. work together. With the presence of many Zen monks and nuns from the Zen monasteries in Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen School, they witnessed and performed.

From ancient times in the folk song:

“The father as a mountain,
Maternal means like water in the source.
One Heart Worship Mother Glass Father
For a new round of filial piety is a religion “

These verses clearly stated how great the parents’ gratitude is. As well as showing us what to do to respond in part to parents’ gratitude. And in one of the following anonymous poems has also been portrayed somewhat:

“Go into all the world no one as good as her.
The burden of life is not as miserable as father’s.
The sea of ​​buttocks is not full of mother’s love,
The sky and clouds are not covered by the father.
Qin nursing mothers day early algae grow,
Bring a whole body of thin body to protect your life.
Who mother motherhood please do not cry,
Do not be so sad to hear the mother’s eyes do not.”

Yes no one can be good to you with your mother, no one can give you solid support with your father.

There is no match, or used to meet the love of parents for children. I can’t count or tell everything my parents have sacrificed for me.

Whether you are healthy, sick, whether you are hungry or full, you have to rain or shine, how hard it is, how much bitterness, extreme hardship, and no matter how big you are, The life of parents is constantly striving to let their children eat well, wear warmly, be able to study well, get better living conditions, so that they can be happier, happier, happier, so as to enough.

Although each person’s condition is different, it is possible that this person receives a little or more from the other parent, but perhaps everyone feels that it is all: I can give it to you.

Shakyamuni Buddha also taught:

“The ultimate of goodness is that there is Hieu, Aborting evil is filial”
“Heavenly ten thousand books, love the first story”, whether religious practice, whether learning or not learning, filial is original, filial is the first, tastes are all.
“Hieu is the first, the filial is everything, the mother of all the merits, the mother of all spiritual practices to become a Buddha”

That the Buddha, that is the ultimate desire of the Buddha.

“Details Vu lan remember the father of foster care, Seasonal report of German mother’s love island”. So the Buddhists together together to gather enough information about the Cuu Hoa Son ashram to attend the spread ceremony together, with a whole heart of love to love and love for the father and mother.

Along with the lectures of the Masters (Venerable Thich Tam Thuan Abbot Truc Lam Sung Phuc, Dai Duc Thich Thuan Thuan Abbot Truc Lam Tue Duc Meditation, Venerable Thich Thong Quan – Truong Lao Truc Lam Monastery Yen Tu). About the great merits of parents, with specific enticements in some verses:

“Who can count the forest leaves
Who can count the sky
Who knows why
Who can count the two words?

The teacher also gave examples of the mirror of the Virtue of the Buddha, the Omnipotent who still has a fondness for his parents. Then the example of the Venerable Mahayana Grand Master of the Bodhisattva. As well as the spirit and meaning of Vu Lan Ceremony, it is also called Vu Lan basin or Huyen Huyen Island – Rescue the criminals who have been hung up in the map.

The Great Religion The Great Patriarch of the Bodhisattva has done the work according to the Buddha’s teaching and saved his mother from escaping from the devastating demons. Form a favor for Vu Lan to win the association every year. Buddhists are even more intrigued by the reason for their association in the Vu Lan Festival. Also understand about 5 happy tastes, and 5 corresponding energies, knowing that it is the person who has to know the true heart of the person, according to the teacher of the monk’s teachings, who is the master in his own heart, is the birthplace of all things. . Following the example of the Buddha, Bodhisattva, Teacher, and Patriarch, the Dharma is new, everyone succeeds on the path of enlightenment.

The gentlemen have analyzed the Nine-Tailed Path to understand the responsibility of each child to be grateful and grateful. And instruct the Buddhists to win the methods to pay homage to their parents. The teachers and Buddhists of the Vajrayana have vowed before the Three Jewels, before the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Venerable Masters for the rest of their lives, until the time of the Buddha’s failure to make the children unhappy, but to be a son , vow to use vow to overcome bad karma, overcome mistakes, sincerely repent, become fond of children.

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