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Vietnamese Physician Day February 27th, 2020

Since the letter to the Medical Officer Conference on February 27th, 1955 from President Ho Chi Minh with valuable teachings, this day has been considered a day to honor physicians, doctors, and people working in the medical industry.


The 65th anniversary of Vietnam Physician’s Day (February 27th, 1955 – February 27th, 2020) is an opportunity to express the respect the white-blouse soldiers for attempting to save lives from diseases, providing medical examination and treatment, and contributing to protecting the community’s health. 



With a team of highly specialized doctors, modern facilities, state-of-the-art medical equipment, after more than 1 year in operation, Phuong Dong General Hospital has become a reliable medical examination and treatment address of people living in the capital and other neighboring provinces.


Due to the complication of the Covid-19 epidemic, Phuong Dong General Hospital has decided not to organize the 65th celebration of Vietnamese Physicians to proactively focus on prevention and protection activities against the pandemic.


Phuong Dong General Hospital has been trying to control and repel the epidemic to enhance people’s security when coming for medical examination and treatment.


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