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Only a few days left, before the opening ceremony of the “Intracom Open Soccer Tournament 2022” will take place. The intense practice sessions on the training ground have shown the determination to achieve the best performance of the Intracom Group players.

As part of a series of activities to celebrate Intracom Group’s 20th anniversary, the 2022 Intracom Open Football Tournament was held to contribute to promoting the sport movement, improving cultural and spiritual life, increasing strengthening exchanges and solidarity between the member units in the Intracom system and the Company’s partners, and at the same time build the beauty of Intracom culture.

The 2022 Intracom Open Football Tournament features 9 teams from:

  1. Infrastructure and Transport Investment Construction Joint Stock Company
  2. Intracom Infrastructure Joint Stock Company
  3. Oriental General Hospital
  4. BIDV, My Dinh Branch
  5. Vietnam – Russia Joint Venture Bank
  6. Vietinbank,  Thanh An Branch 
  7. Vietinbank, Thang Long Branch
  8. Agribank, Cau Giay Branch
  9. Agribank, Hoang Quoc Viet Branch 

The qualifying round will take place on December 4, 2022. In order to have the best preparation for the tournament, in the past few days, Intracom Group players have worked hard to practice regardless of the weather, taking advantage of the rest of the day to achieve the best state of physical strength and skills.

Overcoming some difficulties in the process of gathering and training due to time constraints and busy work, with the utmost sportsmanship because of the spirit of Intracom Group, the whole team is burning with determination and focus on achieving the best results in the tournament.

Believing that, with enthusiasm and noble sportsmanship, the players will contribute to the tournament with fierce and dramatic matches, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of fans.

Here are some pictures of during the training session on November 26 of Intracom Group players:

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