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Unique characteristics confirm the position of Intracom Trung Van project

Considered as a pioneer project leading the real estate market in the West of Hanoi, Intracom Trung Van project is an apartment complex with a prime location, perfect design, affirming its unique position with the potential to add value to the project over time.

Owning the most expensive location in the West of Hanoi

The West of Hanoi in recent years has always been a hot spot of Hanoi’s real estate market because of the leverage of modern transport and utility infrastructure. This is also a symbolic area for the speed of development of Hanoi. According to the general plan to 2030 with a vision to 2050, the western area of ​​Hanoi will become one of the two national administrative centers in the future. Many headquarters, ministries, agencies and mass organizations have moved to this area, creating a network of administrative and non-business agencies effectively serving the needs of people and businesses.

intracom trung văn

The modern synchronous investment in transport infrastructure in the western area of ​​Hanoi has led to a strong attraction to the “big guys”. Many real estate projects of many segments have gathered in this area, opening a high-class area with a wide range of utility services to serve the needs of high-class comfortable living of residents. According to statistics, this area is attracting a lot of people with abundant financial resources to move to live, thereby also making an important contribution to raising the value of the area.

Possessing the advantage of going ahead with a strategic vision from the investor Intracom Group, Intracom Trung Van owns the most expensive location in the region. The project owns up to two road fronts, at the intersection of the regional traffic network, bringing “golden” values ​​to the lives of residents.

According to experts, in the face of strong attraction and the landing of many big investors in this area, they have cleverly followed the beautiful land fund that is gradually exhausted and gradually moving away from the central area. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to own a beautiful project like Intracom 1 at this time.

Multi-connected location, comfortable living of Intracom Trung Van

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Intracom Trung Van apartment building is located in Trung Van ward, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. The project is located in the central area of ​​Nam Tu Liem district, in the expanded urban area. From the location of the project, it is possible to move to many important roads such as Luong The Vinh street, To Huu street, making the connection to neighboring districts and inner city areas quick, convenient and easy.

The project is more than 1km from the National Convention Center and Big C, connecting the center by Le Van Luong and Lang Ha streets, which is very convenient. In addition, the regional facilities here have also been formed for a long time with a variety of utilities from schools, markets, administrative and career centers… effectively serving the needs of studying and working. the work of each resident.

The project can easily connect to the synchronous education system from kindergarten to the end of high school located right in Trung Van new urban area. Local markets and commercial centers are located along the Nguyen Trai route area, bringing convenience in residents’ activities.

In particular, in the future, the investor Intracom Group will build a high-class residential – office complex project right next to the Intracom 1 apartment building. Thus, in addition to a diverse chain of external service utilities, right in the future. In the future, residents of the Intracom 1 project will enjoy the privilege of using a variety of high-end utilities. This is a necessary and sufficient condition to help improve people’s lives and bring new life values ​​to project residents.

Prime location increases sustainable investment value

One of the most important factors affecting the value of a real estate project is the location. Customers or investors also rely on this factor to decide whether to invest or not. A good location will help the real estate project have quick liquidity, easy to rent and transfer thanks to the added value over time, thanks to the development of the surrounding areas, thereby bringing about profits for investors, ensuring increased asset value for customers.

The prime location of the Intracom Trung Van project not only brings residents a destination to settle down, the most flexible, fast and convenient connection in the West of Hanoi but also affirms sustainable increase in investment value. According to the evaluation, the potential land funds in the West of Hanoi are gradually exhausted or kept quite far from the city center.

With an ideal location and distance to a variety of utility chains and outside services, Intracom Trung Van project has become the most ideal residential destination in the West of Hanoi. These are also outstanding advantages for the project to affirm its attraction, potential to increase the value of the project over time, attract investors and become a bright spot in the real estate segment in the West of Hanoi.

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