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Trung Van Apartment Complex Project – Area A trade name and slogan competition commemoration

Details of the project

Intracom Trung Van apartment – office complex project – Area A is Intracom’s high-end product with modern design, top-notch service, and high-class facilities.

The project is positioned in the center of Hanoi, adjacent to Trung Van urban area and Intracom 1 apartment building and villas. The building is modernly designed, including many items such as: commercial services, shophouses, apartments, entertainment and public areas… along with 3-storey school facilities located on an area of nearly 1500m2 owned by Intracom. 

Contest ” Trung Van Apartment Complex Project – Area A trade name and slogan competition “

Intracom officers and employees should join in naming the project’s trade name and slogan, contributing to the creation and development of the brand and have the opportunity to receive valuable awards.

1. Submission time
– For submission: from November 10 to the end of December 9, 2021
–  Results announcement: December 21, 2021

2. Participants
– All Intracom Group members

3. Submission Requirements
– Entries include: Trade name and Slogan with a description of the idea.
– Contest products are not subject to copyright disputes; has not been used or appeared on any mass media at home and abroad; have not submitted any contest entries.
– Contest products are products created by individuals, organizations or groups of individuals, showing the difference, not overlapping with any existing names or slogans in the world.
– Contestants can submit one or more entries.

4. Evaluation Criteria
– The trade name and Slogan show the nature of the apartment complex project – high-class office, related / associated / associated with the investor Intracom.
– Slogan in Vietnamese must not use more than 10 words, using words that are easy to understand, easy to call, easy to recall, rich in meaning; uniform pronunciation, not misleading (no more than 4 syllables).
– Achieve the requirements of: meaning, easy to remember, easy to recognize, impress customers
– Conveying the brand’s message.

5. Methods of Participation
– Submissions should be sent to:
Communication – Marketing Department

6. Prizes
Total prize value: 10,000,000 VND.
In there:
01 Prize worth: 5,000,000 VND – for the selected project name.
01 Prize worth: 5,000,000 VND – for the selected Slogan.

Intracom officers and employees try their hand at creativity with Intracom’s high-class office and housing project in Trung Van. The judges will choose the best Name and Slogan meeting the above rubric and announce the results on December 21, 2021.

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