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Training course on fire protection at Intracom 2 apartment

On the morning of September 16, at Intracom 2 building, Phuc Dien ward, Bac Tu Liem district, TP. Hanoi, the Building Management Board held a training course on fire prevention and fighting at the apartment building to improve basic knowledge and skills for residents and customers living and working in the building.

Attending the training course were Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh – Chief of the company office; Leaders of infrastructure and transport construction joint stock companies, leaders of customer companies and all residents, employees are living and working in Intracom 2 building.

At the training session, the trainers were provided with information about big fires causing serious damage to people and properties occurring throughout the country and in Hanoi recently. . The analysis clearly points out the causes of human and property losses and also presents solutions in each case.

Residents and all employees were conveyed the necessary contents in theory and practice to help students master the documents on the Law on Fire Prevention and Control at the apartment building and other regulations issued by the State. for FPF work. Thereby aware of their obligations and responsibilities in FPF work as well as equipping basic knowledge of fire and explosion and how to promptly handle fire situations.

Not only studying theory, residents and employees are also able to participate in direct fire fighting. Fire engines and smoke-generating tools are mobilized to make lessons more realistic and vibrant. Each trainee is instructed in detail by the trainers how to use portable fire extinguishers, powder bottles, fire fighting facilities at the facility; actions to save people in the fire, skills to use escape wire, … thereby actively taking part in fire prevention and fighting activities when a fire and explosion incident occurs.

Ms. Phan Thi Tra Huong – In charge of security, safety and fire protection in the shared Intracom 2 apartment building, fire prevention and fighting is one of the activities that are always concerned by the investor and the Building Management Board. ensuring the highest safety for residents living as well as officials, employees, customers working in the building.

Every year, Intracom Building Management Board organizes training on fire prevention and fighting for grassroots fire fighting forces. Thereby improving the professional skills for fire prevention and fighting forces in the apartment building, officers and soldiers of the police firefighting force understand the characteristics of the situation, take initiative in handling timely and effectively. results when fire incidents occur while raising awareness of FPF work for all residents, employees.

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