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Towards the ethnic origin on the day of the death anniversary

“No matter who goes backwards

Remember the First Anniversary of the 10th anniversary ”

Every year, on the 10th day of the third lunar month, every Intracom employee as well as the Vietnamese people are moved towards the Land of the ancestors, towards the source of the soul of the river and the mountain, hearing the echoes of the past, like seeing the nest Lac Hong fairy is still visible, just like the sentence in Hung Temple.

Tradition of drinking water to remember the source and thought of attachment: The love of the country, the meaning of the people who have been produced since the Hung Vuong era and have been cultivated and maintained by generations.

Aware of the great significance of worship and death anniversary of Hung kings, under Khai Dinh dynasty, on March 10, the lunar calendar was the national day.

In the spring of 1941, when returning from the country to his homeland, Comrade Nguyen Ai Quoc wrote poems to show his patriotism and affirmed the historical tradition of the nation in the article “History of our country”:

“People have to know our history

For the original wall of water in Vietnam.

For more than four thousand years,

Brilliant ancestors, you are harmonious.

Hong Bang is our country

Our country was called Van Lang then ”

In 1945, President Ho Chi Minh signed Decree 22CNV / CC for workers and officials to take a rest during the Great Festival of the Patriarchs of the country. In the years following the August Revolution, the Provisional Government sent Huynh Thuc Khang, the country’s President, to attend the First Anniversary of the Year (1946). After 9 years of birth, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam against the French defeated the Dien Bien Phu gold history (May 7, 1954), on September 1, 1954, at Hung Temple, President Ho Chi Minh. My beloved instructed officers and soldiers of the Pioneering Army before taking over the capital: “The Hung kings have built the country, my grandchildren have to keep the water together.”

The advice is also the promise of this determination of the head of the country and the nation was implemented in the spring of 1975: After 30 years of sacrificing hardship, our people have wiped out the aggressors from the border, Giang unified, referred to a whole relationship. Perhaps no nation in the world has the same ancestral origin – one day of the death anniversary as our nation. From the legend of Au Co’s mother who gave birth to hundreds of eggs, half followed her father to the sea, half followed her mother to the forest, arousing the sense of ethnicity and the meaning of people and linking us to a great unity block. The two words of the people are the source of Vietnamese love, protection and power.

Along with the time and the development of the country, Hung Temple and Gia Hung Hung Hung are increasingly being cared for comprehensively, marking the dramatic change in concern, honoring our nation’s Hung Temple. a new level. The State has issued a series of documents on management for Hung Temple historical relics and festival days.

In 2001, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam issued Decree No. 82/2001 / ND-CP dated November 6, 2001 on State rituals, of which the King Hung Kings were one in 6 days. great celebration of the nation. We are more proud, at 18:09 (Vietnam time) on December 6, 2012, in Paris (France), the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO officially recognized “Belief in worshiping Hung Vuong “Vietnam is a typical intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Continuing the history and pride of the generation of his father, the entire staff of the Intracom family today are listening, looking forward, towards the origin of the nation with compressed heart from historical sediments, crystallization. The original culture of Vietnamese origin makes the fragrance more and more glorious and more pervasive, it is also to contribute to building and developing an advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity. At the same time, promoting the tradition of patriotism and love, continuing to strengthen and strengthen the great unity of the people and the whole company for the goal of rich people, strong countries, democratic and civilized society.

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