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The topping-off ceremony of Tower A Intracom Riverside office building

The topping-off ceremony of Tower A of the Intracom Riverside project was conducted solemnly on the rooftop of the Intracom Riverside building. There was the presence of Gentlemen, Intracom Board of Directors, and representatives of construction units.

After the ceremony, representatives of Intracom investors and construction units performed the concrete pouring ceremony to complete the roof of the building.

Next, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intracom, the investor of the Intracom Riverside building, conducted the ceremony of pouring concrete at the four corners of the building to complete the topping off ceremony.

The ceremony took place with great success, marking an important milestone of the Intracom Riverside project. In an atmosphere of joy, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of Intracom’s Board of Directors expressed his thanks for the efforts of the construction team and encouraged the team to speed up the completion of the project to officially put it into use according to the set-out schedule.

After the topping-out ceremony, the construction units will quickly complete the work, commit to complete the remaining workload according to the set schedule, and hand it over to the investor to put into use according to the plan. and at the same time ensure occupational safety and sanitation at the project.

Intracom Riverside is an office-combined high-rise residential complex project invested by Intracom. This is the first project in the Dong Anh area with a direct view of the Red River. The project is located close to Nhat Tan bridge, the northern gateway of the capital, convenient for moving into the city center or out to the suburban.

Intracom Riverside project has a total investment of more than 1,500 billion VND. The general scale of the project includes 3 towers with 39-floor buildings. In which, towers B and C are apartments with 1,036 houses. Tower A is an office building with 5 floors of podiums, floors 2-5 for parking, floors 6-39 are offices.

An Intracom Riverside Tower has a total investment of 557.8 billion VND, designed in a modern style, with a clear view, fully equipped with facilities and equipment. In addition to the advantage of location, Intracom investor also focuses on the design of open spaces, plenty of natural light, and other convenient stuff. The floor area for rent is also flexibly calculated by the investor to suit the size of each business.

Once completed, the project will provide more than 35,000 m2 of office space for rent, which is an ideal working environment and office location for many types of businesses from startups to large enterprises, multi-corporations. Countries, foreign companies, and large economic groups wanting to find offices for rent in Hanoi.

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