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The New Year of Canh Ty 2020 at Intracom: Respiration of Spring

Intracom Group’s Spring Welcoming Ceremony was an occasion for Intracom employees to gather together after a long holiday of family reunion to send each other best wishes, together devoting for the development of the common family Intracom in the new year.


Special various musical performances with great effort and meticulousness from Intracom’s admirable talented employees is always an indispensable part of the Spring Opening Ceremony, leaving a deep impression on the hearts of every employee.


The Spring Welcoming Ceremony 2020 took place exhilaratingly under the guidance of the vivacious and charming Master of Ceremony.


After sending each other best wishes, looking forward to a new year full of Happiness – Prosperousity – Luck, all employees of the Company also received lucky money at the beginning of the year. This is one of traditional business culture showing the collective solidarity and concern of the big family Intracom.


The delight and excitement of Intracom employees in the first days of the year exposed the determination to dispel the chaos of the old year and welcome a new promising year full of luck and success to the company.

Some photos of Intracom’s spring opening activities at the beginning of the year of Canh Ty:

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