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The importance of human resources at Intracom

Recognizing that human quality directly affects the quality of work, the leadership of Intracom Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company always focuses on developing human resources.

At Intracom, 100% of official employees have undergone professional skills training courses organized by Intracom in collaboration with economic research institutes. Each employee is respected for his career and given the opportunity to develop his creative ability. Thanks to the in-depth human development policy, we are proud of our staff with extensive, dynamic and enthusiastic expertise.


For Intracom, science and technology with advanced modernity cannot replace the role of human. Intracom is a large system that needs unity, alignment, attachment from top to bottom. Therefore, the importance of human resources is huge.

At the company, becoming Intracom people means that all employees must be at their best, wholeheartedly devoted to the work they are doing, constantly trying and making efforts to bring Intracom into a big one. more powerful.

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