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The 8th anniversary of Intracom’s intimate and cozy establishment

On December 21, 2010, the 8th anniversary of the establishment of Transport and Infrastructure Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) took place in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. This year’s celebration is the festival of Intracom with the presence of nearly 200 employees and the parent company and employees representing the member units of the Intracom family.

Over 8 years of construction and development, Intracom has gradually affirmed its prestige and brand in the market. Intracom has gradually expanded its production and business activities, aiming at multi-industry development, with main areas of activity such as real estate investment, construction and operation of hydropower plants, construction and business. , financial investment, production of construction materials, …

With a team of nearly 300 experienced staff, engineers, bachelors, experts, employees, Intracom has been implementing many projects and projects throughout the provinces and cities of the country such as: Project Office, public services and houses for sale Trung Van – Intracom 1, Project of office, housing for Phu Dien – Intracom 2, Resettlement housing project NOCT – Cau Dien, Xuan Phuong project – Intracom 5.6, Nam Pung Hydropower Project, Ta Loi 3 Hydropower Project, Orient Hospital Project, …

Over the past years, with the efforts and continuous efforts of all employees and the desire to bring partners and customers “peace-happiness”, the works of Intracom always meet the requirements in terms of technique and art. Therefore, Intracom brand has been affirmed in the competitive market of the construction industry, always shining with the country.
At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of the Board of Directors acknowledged the great contribution and commitment of each member in the Company, wishing that all employees towards Intracom with the most close and intimate feelings. , striving for the common development and prosperity of the Intracom family.

On this occasion, the company also celebrated birthday for employees with birthdays in December.

Participating in the ceremony, besides the jubilant and exciting moments of the music performances, the members of the Intracom family shared their memories in the working time and attached to the company. At the same time, I set a determination to make more efforts to soon complete the project objectives, continue to develop the achievements, help the Intracom brand increasingly assert its firm position on the path of international economic integration.

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