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Thank you letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the 9th anniversary of Intracom’s establishment

On the 9th anniversary of the establishment of Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (INTRACOM) December 21, 2002 – December 21, 2011, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to send my gratitude. to all staff of INTRACOM.

9 years is not only a measure of the short duration of time, but also a milestone marking the dedication of an entire group that created the INTRACOM brand today. The anniversary of that anniversary became even more meaningful because in the past 9 years, INTRACOM members have built a company to become a familiar second home for each person.

As the leader of the company right from the early days of establishment, more than anyone I understand the difficulties that you have overcome, the labor and creative efforts that you have contributed to creating INTRACOM. Ours reached the position of today. All of us can be proud to have contributed to each brick during the last 9 years to build the INTRACOM house as solid and warm as it is today. And I hope all staff of INTRACOM will continue to stand side by side, accompanying each other to new successes!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my most sincere thanks to the generations of INTRACOM employees and your family who have always supported and helped you to complete your work well. . Wish you and your family health, peace and happiness!

Sincerely thank you!

Chairman of the Board – General Director
Nguyen Thanh Viet

Đánh giá
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