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Thank you letter from Intracom through the 2010 High-Level Recruitment Festival


Intracom Company would like to thank all of you for attending the 1st Intracom High-Level Recruitment Day of the Company which took place on April 29, 2010. This is one of the events Great for the development of Intracom Company. The presence of him (her) has made an important contribution to the success of the Recruitment Day.

Intracom company would like to congratulate you (you) who have been admitted to the positions of the Company. In addition, Intracom Company highly appreciated his (sister) participation in the entrance exam, showing his (her) trust to the Company. However, due to the limited number of vacancies, Intracom wants to see you again in the next or further recruitment at key positions at the Company later. Intracom company hopes to continue to receive his interest and cooperation (sister).

Hopefully, you (I) have a good impression on Intracom Company through a fair and professional recruitment day.

I wish you (sister) success in work and happiness in life.

Best regards!

Đánh giá
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