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Talkshow on exchanging, sharing, and career guiding for Accounting and Auditing students of the Finance and Business Administration University

Speaking at the opening of the program, Dr. Le Tuan Hiep – Vice-Rector of the University said: “The connection model between businesses and schools not only contributes to improving the quality of the human resource in the industrial 4.0 Era but it also links the training direction to reality and brings students a useful exchanging channel of learning and career opportunity.

In his presentation, Intracom President also emphasized three issues: Accounting and Auditing in integration time, the problem about linking schools and businesses to supplement other important skills besides expertise; Intracom is always willing to support students and startup-ers in the right form.
Beyond valuable and useful advice, Shark Viet encouraged young people to be always ready to learn and diligent in their work to achieve their goals. Well mastered – Deeply understand – Truly applied your knowledge is the key.

Within the talkshow framework, representatives of Intracom professional departments helped students to have a deeper understanding of the business, shared experiences as well as difficulties and challenges in Accounting and Auditing industry. 

Mr. Pham Thuy Duong (Chief of Intracom Financial and Accounting Department) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh (Chief of Company Office) took part in answering specialized questions and sharing job opportunities after graduation, creating cohesiveness between theory and reality.

With a high curiosity, students actively raised questions about the business Accounting field, which were specific questions about real problems in a business and essential skills to begin a career.

On a basis of the cooperation agreement signed and after the exchanging event series between 2 units, the talk show enhanced the relationship between schools and businesses, students and businessmen. Students had a chance to mutually interacted, exchange, and learned a lot of valuable things from experts, helping them to enrich their own experiences. Besides, they also get open opportunities of social relationships, reality, internship and other specialized knowledge, soft skills before into an industry.

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