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Ta Loi 3 Hydropower Plant officially connected the grid with 110kV line

Ta Loi 3 hydropower plant has 02 units, 7.5MW installed capacity. The factory was started construction in 2010 in Muong Hum commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province.

To power the National Power System, Intracom has built 5.7 km of 110kV line from Nam Pung 110kV Station to 110kV Muong Hum Station and signed a subscriber contract to manage and operate the 110kV line with Cong High Voltage Grid Company in the North.

In order to ensure that the 110kV line is eligible for power supply, safe and reliable operation, Lao Cai High Voltage Grid Branch has organized to take over the entire length of 110kV line, requiring investors to overcome the problems. detected in the process of inspection. At 14:30, both units of Ta Loi 3 hydropower plant successfully connected the national grid, expected to annually add about 30 million kWh to the National Power System.

The event of Ta Loi 3 hydropower plant officially merged the national grid is a success of the project after the efforts and efforts of all staff of Intracom, and especially those at Ta Hydropower Plant. Falling 3.

Some pictures at Ta Loi 3 hydropower plant:

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