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Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant

In October 2012, Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant was started its construction on the Ta Loi River in Trung Leng Ho Commune, Bat Xat District, Lao Cai Province. The Hydropower Plant has an installation capacity of 10.5 MW with 3 engine units and a total investment of VND 262 billion.

In June 2016, Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant was completed and officially put into use. Each year, the project supplies more than 48 million kWh to the national grid, supplying electricity to Bat Xat District and Lao Cai Province.

In addition to the goal of electricity generation, Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant also aims to bring other socio-economic effects, including improving ecological environment, creating tourist landscapes, raising underground water levels and aquaculture, etc.

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