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Summer “green” at Intracom Group

The “red fire” summer is being felt not just in Hanoi but in many other parts of the world. Heat waves are becoming more intense globally due to climate change. The Intracom Group employees have taken a lot of practical steps this summer to help the environment with their limited resources.

If we aren’t using the lights, turn them off.

A good way to save the environment, stop global warming, and cut wasteful expenses is to use electricity wisely. People that work for Intracom constantly adhere to the principle of utilizing electricity responsibly.

If we aren’t using the lights, turn them off.

The departments all turned out the lights before leaving the room at noon to eat at the company canteen. All electrical equipment is safely shut off an hour after work. The proper application of the aforementioned principles contributes to cost savings for the corporation as well as for the state in terms of power and natural resource conservation, as well as to general environmental protection.

Upkeep of electrical equipment

In order to improve the functionality and lengthen the lifespan of machines and equipment, Intracom performed maintenance on the lighting and air conditioning systems in all office blocks during June, the month with the highest electricity use. lengthy life.

In particular, Intracom always sets the air conditioner in the office block at 27 degrees Celsius or more (not too low), as this temperature is also appropriate for Vietnam’s environment and lowers the machine’s operating intensity. Consequently, it will use less electricity.

To increase operational productivity and consume less fuel, heavy and light equipment are both routinely serviced on the construction site.

Multiplying the color green

In all of its projects, Intracom Group—a real estate investor working in the field of environmental solutions—strives to increase the amount of undeveloped green space. In particular, blue is present in the Intracom Group office from the outside of the structure to the interior of each department and workstation.

Green office of Intracom Group

Every day, workers can take a leisurely stroll among the rows of huge trees that shade the building grounds. People from Intracom grow and take care of a variety of green plants around the office, including money needles, tiger tongue, cypress bamboo, and happiness. In order to decorate the workplace with more green hues, many employees also encourage the spirit of “creativity” by regenerating vegetable waste into easy-to-grow ornamental plants like pineapples, beans, avocados, etc.

Take out the trash to help the environment.

The Intracom workforce embodies environmental conservation not just at work but also during vacations and picnics. With the adage “take only photographs, leave only footprints,” Intracom employees always pick up clean trash at the locations they stop and pass.

In Quang Nam – Da Nang recently, during the summer trip of 2022, after taking part in teambuilding activities with numerous “expensive” sports games, Intracom employees lingered on the beach, eagerly collecting plastic waste (packaging, water bottles…) to help clean the beach and restore the true “blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine.”

Intracom people picking up trash at the beach

Environmental protection has gradually become a special culture of Intracom workers, whether in the office building or the construction site, contributing to greening, via the actual efforts of all employees. and not just this summer, but cleaner than the earth.

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