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Summary of internship for students of Internal University at Intracom

Attending the Program were representatives of the Leadership Board, Staff of Intracom Company, representatives of the Faculty of Management Office and the Faculty of Human Resources and the representatives of the Youth Union and students of the University. Interior.

The students have reports and presentations on the results of internship with the topics of Archives and human resource management and also shared their feelings about the sentiments and concerns of the Board of Directors and of Intracom employees and employees with you during the internship.

Representatives of teachers of the University of Internal Affairs, the Board of Directors of Intracom Company made comments and reviews to recognize the achievements of the students and have encouragement and encouragement for students to continue to promote cultivate knowledge in the school as well as practical knowledge to prepare for ready to enter the career. Alternating the presentations of the students and the sharing of representatives of the Company and the School, there are also performances of charismatic and attractive repertoire not less than the professional singers of the students.

The internship of the students helped you gain more practical knowledge, practice the knowledge learned and contribute to increase the cohesion and cooperation between Intracom and the University. interior. This cooperation aims to find and train young people who are creative, innovative and thinking.

The program took place in an atmosphere of excitement, excitement and success

Some photos at the review:

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