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Some new policies take effect from 9/2018 Intracom members need to know

Decision 28/2018 issued by the Prime Minister on the pilot implementation of sending and receiving electronic documents at ministries, branches and localities before December 31, 2018, officially applied from 2019. Accordingly, the document The electronic version must be sent immediately on the signing date, no later than the next working day in the morning. If the agency has sent the electronic document, the paper must not be sent except the copy sent to the Government, the Prime Minister, etc. The decision also states that the recipient has the right to refuse to receive electronic documents, if that electronic document no guarantee of receipt. The refusal agency is responsible for the refusal. This decision takes effect from September 6.

Circular 37/2016 / TT-NHNN on management, operation and use of the national inter-bank electronic payment system effective from September 1, regulating debt payment among members must be a unit of the State Bank to have a prior authorization contract. Debts between members in a pre-authorization contract or payment agreement must include at least the following elements: Maximum limit on the day of debt repayment between members; Maximum limit of a debt payment order without confirmation of debt; Validity period of the contract or written agreement.

Decree 100/2018 / ND-CP of the Government issued on July 16, 2018 on the general conditions for issuing practice certificates on construction has been changed compared to the previous. The Decree takes effect from September 15, 2018. Specifically: Conditions for granting a certificate of construction practice class II must have a university degree in the appropriate discipline, with 4 years or more of experience, previously 05 years; Granting a grade-III construction practice certificate must have a university degree of appropriate specialization, with 2 years or more of experience with a university degree holder (previously 3 years); 3 years or more for people with college or intermediate level (formerly 5 years).

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