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Smart agricultural production is an inevitable trend

Smart agricultural production is an inevitable trend in the context of deeper integration and globalization. In fact, high-tech agriculture has helped the agriculture of many developed countries achieve achievements.

In the US, Brazil, Argentina, high-tech agriculture has helped these countries reduce up to 50% of corn and soybean production costs. In Japan, with only 2 million people working in agriculture (accounting for 1.5% of the total 127 million people), cultivating over 1.5 million hectares of agricultural land but not importing rice but also exporting beef and some vegetables.

In Malaysia, thanks to the application of smart agriculture, farmers growing chili have doubled their income. The Philippines, a country that used to import more than 2 million tons of corn each year, said in 2017 that it would reach more than 8 million tons of corn, mainly thanks to the increase in the use of hybrid corn and solar watering technology …

Vietnam is a country with many strengths in agriculture and food production. However, agricultural reality in our country still exists many problems such as fragmented production, outdated technology, abuse of chemicals, unstable plant and animal sources … Therefore, for agricultural production Keeping up with the global trend, it is inevitable to apply technological achievements, change methods and optimize production processes to improve the quality of agricultural products.

In a joint effort to develop Vietnam’s agriculture, Intracom is engaged in agricultural production through investment and application of modern technology to cultivate clean food. All agricultural products of Intracom are now cared for by a closed process, ensuring food safety and hygiene, environmentally friendly.

In the first phase, agricultural products such as vegetables, clean meat produced by Intracom are mainly supplied to Oriental General Hospital and thousands of employees in Intracom system.

In the future, Intracom will continue to expand investment in agricultural production with many advanced technologies to bring safe products to consumers.

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