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Sir Konchok Rinpoche: Love and compassion are happiness

With the blessing of the enemy, the Buddhists of the Nine-Tailed Paths were honored to welcome Mr. Konchok Rinpoche and increase the Indian lineage at the hall of the 13th floor, Oriental General Hospital (under Intracom Group) at Co Nhuom 2 ward, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi city.

The ceremony took place in a solemn, compassionate atmosphere when he was blessed by Konchok Rinpoche and explained about happiness. That helps the leaders, Intracom staff and Phuong Dong General Hospital understand the ultimate purpose of my work, whether doing business or working in the office, I hope to be happy. Because happiness is on the human foundation to give love and compassion.

He also said it was a mental medicine that could cure the mind. Because when the body is healthy, the mind is healthy and the mind is happy and the body is healthy. Not only are Buddhists practicing love and compassion, but any religious person needs to take the spirit of love and compassion to be happy. Friendly with all Buddhists, he also personally gave gifts to every Buddhist present in the hall.

In addition, to contribute to the work of healing people, Konchok Rinpoche was extremely happy to bless the Oriental Hospital, which was about to be completed.

He and the leadership team, officers of the Oriental Hospital have performed the ceremony of giving birth to show compassion for all species.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony:


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