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Shark Viet: From an arrogant youth to the “Heart” in a sustainable business strategy

How about a youth full of madness?

Failures due to youth ambition and arrogance are parts of our mature but there is a person who has a youth full of success based on his differentiation.

“You only live once” is the lighthouse for the young man Nguyen Thanh Viet early to set his goal after graduation. With the desire to make himself distinctive from other living individuals, Shark Viet always dedicates himself to opportunities he has in his youth.

Before enlightened by Buddhism, his stubbornness and extravagance caused him a lot of conflicts with his partners. That young man finally reconciled between his ego and collective success.

The Captain of Intracom Group – Shark Viet has led Phuong Dong, a boat full of humanity with the mission to bring in the best healthcare quality and Phuong Dong Hospital is obvious evidence for the differentiation he has made by his intense fire.


“Heart” as the core value in sustainable development for human beings

True to the meaning of the word “Heart”, Shark Viet always puts his heart into his insights and aspirations in work and life as he expressed that the core value there was to comprehend thoroughly the mountain you were climbing.

Phuong Dong General Hospital was officially into operation at the end of 2018, taking human beings as the core value of the word “Heart”. Each patient taking treatment there will experience a comfortable and luxurious space including a boarding room, VIP room, polyclinic system, surgery, and post-surgery. The hospital primarily concentrates on spending on advanced and modern medical equipment for accurate diagnosis results according to international standards.


Phuong Dong General Hospital is designed as a luxurious resort hotel


Oriental philosophy in hospital culture

Inculcated by Oriental culture with the philosophy of heart-centered life, Shark Viet always concentrates on improving Phuong Dong associated with the culture of “Compassion – Wisdom” to cherish humanity. Phuong Dong also has attempted to bring the latest medical system in the world to Vietnam.


The team of doctors of Phuong Dong General Hospital

Phuong Dong patients’ satisfaction is not only from the highly qualified professionals and doctors of the top hospitals in both physical and mental treatment but also the hotel-hospital model which is an elegant mix between architecture and the natural sight of view here.

Since the end of 2018, the hospital has welcomed thousands of visitors for services so far. On the occasion of the opening event, Phuong Dong Hospital offers customers a discount program up to 50% of all services.


For further information please contact:


Phuong Dong General Hospital


Adress: No.9, Vien Street, Co Nhue Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi



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