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Shark Viet “diagnoses” the current “mental sickness” of the young

At the talk show “Start-up – opportunities, and challenges”, Shark Viet presented a very new concept – mental sickness which are concerns, doubts, and questions of young people in general and students in the university in particular about their future life and career. As a pioneer, Shark Viet gave “diagnoses” and “prescriptions” for these “patients”, saying this generation have creativity and braveness to purchase their ambition except for “capital” including both experience and finance that has broken many young people’s dreams and led to disappointments and depression then. Passion is not enough for starting a business that requires a plethora of knowledge and experience gradually accumulated by observation, theory, and practice. 


Make a breakthrough no matter what age you are”. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet himself started Intracom quite late, at the age of 39 and Phuong Dong General Hospital could be considered a start-up. Thus, age does not matter to start a business as his joke at the Meet the Sharks event in 2018: “The best age to start a business is from 18 to 81”.



Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet’s answers have received many positive responses due to its usefulness as a student commented on Shark Viet’s share: “The more deeply you think, the more you figure out, the more you experience, the more realistic you are”.


The Talk show “Start-up – opportunities and challenges” held at Hanoi University of Home Affairs was a chance not only to mark the good relationship of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet and the Intracom system with the university but also to show the desire to help the young generation to grow and succeed in the future.





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