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On the evening of May 6, 2022, at hall A2 of National Economics University, excellent teams that passed the qualifying round of the I-Startup startup competition converged on the final night, directly competing for the throne. champion. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Intracom Group was invited to be the judge of the final night.

I-Startup final contest held at National Economics University

I-Startup is a program that brings together startup projects of students across the country, organized by the Investment Association in collaboration with the Student Union of the National Economics University. As one of the outstanding competitions on young people’s entrepreneurship, the contest aims to find and develop young projects in all fields, as a playground for contestants to unleash their creativity, spread ideas, connect with mentors and investors, gain more confidence to realize dreams.

Teams compete fiercely

Speaking at the opening of the program, Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Cuong, Member of the National Assembly, Vice Rector of National Economics University affirmed the change in strategy in education and encouraged the spirit of entrepreneurship in students: “In the past, schools often encouraged students to just study well and train well to graduate and get a good job. But now, the school’s strategy is to encourage graduates to create jobs for themselves and create jobs for the society. The I-Start-up movement is one of the core activities to turn the university’s strategy into practical actions of students”.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Intracom Group shared: “The desire of Vietnamese businesses to go first, the previous generations is to want many young people to start and start their businesses successfully. With the dynamism of Vietnamese youth, hopefully we will be a start-up nation in the future. We are not just stopping at 1.5 million Startups, but we will have 3 million Startups within the next 5 years.”

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet speaks at the final of I-Startup

In the role of judge, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet highly appreciates the creativity and imprint for the community in the value system brought by the projects. At the same time, he also made comments and suggestions on feasibility, communication methods, fundraising methods, etc., which are very practical for each project.

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet commented on the finalist projects

Since the official launch of season 6 on February 22, the contest has received the enthusiastic and active participation of many young people across the country. After the “tense” preliminary rounds, voted through a rigorous system of criteria, the 5 best teams entered the final to compete on the evening of May 6 at the National Economics University.

Zezo to Art project: reuse waste materials in garment production, create luxury gift products, create jobs for people with disabilities.

Project X Coach – Virtual Coach 4.0: AI technology personalizes fitness training routes, improving health for everyone.

Project Centivoice – A platform to comprehensively connect Voice Talents and users: approach the voice market, towards a super application that connects multiple fields in the media and entertainment industry.

Project Fodect – future food: a solution to get organic and nutritious food from crickets in the context of the world’s food and food sources being threatened.

WeShare project: fundraising platform from online orders without incurring costs. With each online order, users can contribute up to 30% of the order value to the user-selected social activities transparently. This is also the overall winning project in the final night.

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet presents prizes with the teams

When entrepreneurship is playing an increasingly important role for sustainable development in many countries, startup competitions like I-Startup really open up valuable opportunities for young people to participate. The startup competition can express themselves, connect with many mentors, investors, judges and build a foundation for future development.

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