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Rewarding employees’ children with high achievement and overcoming difficulties in education 2019-2020

This is an activity launched by Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation Trade Union (HANDICO) over the last 13 years and successfully followed and organized by Intracom Trade Union annually.

In the previous course, there is a total of 56 children getting the high result, excellent student and overcome difficulties in the study including 2 provincial prizes, 1 local award, and 5 difficult circumstances.

At the ceremony. Ms. Bui Thi Thoa – President of Trade Union, Vice General Director sent wish families best things and in-person gives gifts for those whose children got the high achievement and overcame the difficulties in the course 2019-2020.

All the above successes have come from both children’s effort, parent’s motivation, and encouragement of Intracom Trade Union for promptly praising and rewarding during the learning and practicing period.

Prizes for children having poor transportation conditions will be handed over to parents or under the circumstance that their parents unexpectedly have been at construction, the company will deliver the present to home.

Small gifts full of joy have raised studiousness and practical spirit as well as recognized the bringing up merits from parents and the deep concern from Intracom Board of Leader to the country’s future generation in general and Intracom’s children in particular. 

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