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Intracom invests in building social projects that are lacking, people need. Each project integrates solutions to minimize environmental impacts, paying attention to the harmony of people, nature and the sustainable development of society.


Intracom Group is a reputable investor in the field of real estate in Vietnam. Our goal is to create a green, peaceful and flourishing living space for our partners and customers. Intracom’s real estate types meet all needs and different uses of people and markets, from smart urban areas, commercial centers combining medium and high-rise high-rise housing, offices. office to resort real estate…


Understanding health is paramount for everyone, Intracom Group invests in healthcare. Oriental Medical Complex was built from the aspiration to become a resonance place of Western medical quintessence and Eastern human culture in care and treatment services. Phuong Dong medical complex is equipped with modern facilities and equipment with a team of leading medical experts, invested in many items such as: General Hospital, Senior Nursing Home, Hotel, Research and Training Institute, High-Tech Center…to form an ecosystem combining treatment and convalescence.


In the development orientation, healthcare services will be invested and developed in other provinces and cities and integrated into Intracom’s real estate projects across the country.


Following the development in the medical field, Intracom Group expanded its investment in the production and distribution of natural medicinal herbs in typical medicinal regions of Vietnam. In particular, the project of anise processing factory in Lang Son is considered as a key project with the main products being anise essential oil and shikimic acid – scarce raw materials for the production of antiviral drugs for influenza treatment. Tamiflu. Intracom’s goal is to bring a closed production chain, where the essence of medicinal herbs and natural products are extracted and used appropriately to create health support products.


In addition to hundreds of projects across the country, Intracom also expands financial investment for domestic and foreign businesses to promote startups and build a diverse ecosystem. Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet joined Shark Tank Vietnam to both invest capital, support experience, and share the partner ecosystem for Start-ups to develop together.


Focusing on investment but also constantly developing in the field of production and trading helps Intracom proactively source construction materials to ensure construction activities, and at the same time make Intracom become a reputable unit in the field of construction. manufactures and supplies construction materials such as bricks, stones, commercial concrete, iron, steel… for many partners, customers and large projects.


Constantly improving capacity and technology to build infrastructure, Intracom invests many modern machines and equipment for construction and installation with the goal of “Progress – Quality – Safety – Efficiency results” in each project.


In response to the wave of production shifting from major countries to Vietnam, the increase in domestic consumption and the development of e-commerce, Intracom is researching, investing and developing modern logistics warehouses and data centers. materials, laboratories, transport infrastructure and seaports to connect trade and exploit services, contributing to improving the infrastructure backbone of Vietnam.

Intracom Responsible Developer

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Intracom Trung Van Project

Located on Trung Van Street, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Intracom Trung Van is adjacent to Trung Van New Urban Area and has a planned road connecting Le Van Luong Street. DETAILED INFORMATION Built on an area of 23,829m2, Intracom Trung Van includes a complex of works: high-rise residential building, residential building, office and […]
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Intracom Cau Dien Project

– Investor: Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) under Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (Hadico). – Starting: 2011 – Handover of house: At the end of 2014 – Location: Facing the road No. 32, near Cau Dien Market in the well-educated population area. The project is very close to Pham Hung […]
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Intracom Riverside Project

Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc is located in Vinh Ngoc, Dong Anh, is the northern gateway of Hanoi capital. Location of Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc building is inherited all infrastructure in terms of traffic. This is the intersection point between the important roads of the city such as Vo Nguyen Giap Street, heading to Noi Bai […]
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