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Professional training, exercise fire prevention and rescue plan at intracom 2 building

In order to equip knowledge of fire prevention and rescue, the Management Board of Intracom 2 building coordinated with the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Team of Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, to conduct professional training and practice. training plans for Fire Prevention and Rescue for residents and office tenants who are living and working at the project.

The training session was equipped with fire protection knowledge so that everyone could better understand the provisions of the law on fire prevention and fighting skills and skills to deal with possible hazards in the building. From there, ensure the safety of each person and promptly prevent and minimize damage if any due to fire risks.

Residents are instructed on how to use fire extinguishers

At the beginning of the training session, participants were informed about the fire and explosion situation across the country; typical fire and explosion situations and causes to have knowledge of prevention; Update information on the current situation of Fire Prevention and Fighting in residential areas and high-rise buildings in Hanoi City, thereby understanding more about the importance of Fire Prevention and Fighting.

Comrades, policemen, fire prevention and fighting police train people on Fire Prevention and Rescue

During the training session, the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Team of the Bac Tu Liem District police focused on propagating measures to escape when a fire or explosion occurred in a high-rise building; procedures for performing a fire rescue; principles of escape in high-rise buildings and how to use some common fire fighting tools such as hand-held fire extinguishers.

After fully disseminating information and skills related to Fire Prevention and Fighting, residents living in the apartment building and office tenants in Intracom 2 building were received by the police and fire police. Firefighting guides, participates in evacuation, evacuation and gathering to evacuate and rescue people in the apartment.

Directly, each participant in the training was able to practice using fire extinguishers to extinguish fires caused by gasoline and gas cylinder fires. The hypothetical activities are conducted like a fire in an apartment building. In addition, the training session included practical activities of spraying water to fight fires and rescue people from above by fire trucks. During the drill, the fire alarm system was activated, the elevator stopped working, and the emergency lighting system was activated.

Fire truck in simulated fire training

At the end of the practice session, everyone participating in the training session focused on listening to the police and fire police to evaluate the results and draw lessons for the drill. The training session in general raised awareness, responsibilities and obligations for each person living and working at Intracom 2 building on fire prevention and rescue; understand and apply the principles of fire and explosion prevention, and at the same time know the rescue and rescue operations and use all kinds of tools and means of fire prevention and rescue on the spot and in a timely manner handling when there is a fire or explosion incident.

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