Intracom Group

“Pride in Intracom” Writing contest in commemoration of Intracom’s 18-year establishment

Rules of the Competition:

1. Accepted Participants

 All personnel of Intracom Group and member companies

2. Theme of the Competition

– Company: Work environment, corporate culture …

– Group activities: team building, picnics, vacation, Training, and Development,…

-Co-workers: fond memories, experience, and general impression of the company’s personnel,…

3. Time of contest and vote

From 8:00 a.m. on November 30, 2020, to 4:00 p.m. on December 12, 2020

4. Competition Format

– Individual Writing

-Format of Entry: – Format of entries: prose, short story, poem, song composition, etc. Each submission must not exceed 1000 words.

5. How to Participate

– Step 1: Like fanpage Intracom Group 

– Step 2: Submit the entry with the check-in photo at the “Thank you for your companion” backdrop (on the 1st floor of Intracom building 2) or the Facebook profile picture that has changed to the Intracom Birthday Celebration.

Update the photo frame at the link: 

Entries should be sent to the email address: or inbox fan page Intracom Group.

– Step 3: Mobilize to vote for the contest post on the fan page and wait for the results from the organizers.

6. Prizes

01 First Prize, 01 Second Prize, 02 Third Prizes (Decided by the judges)
02 Extra Prizes: The entry with the highest score and the Unit with the highest participation rate (calculated by department or faculty).


– Valid voting interactions are counted on the Intracom Group Fanpage.

– Contest entries of employees will be posted on the Intracom Group fan page within 12 hours from the time of submission.

– How to calculate voting points on Fanpage Intracom Group:

+ 1 like/expression = 1 point

+ 1 comment/share = 2 points (only 1 comment is counted for 1 Facebook account)

+ 1 share of the post in public mode = 3 points (only 1 share is counted for 1 Facebook account)

The results will be announced on December 18, 2020, on the Intracom Group fan page and awarded on the 18th anniversary of the company’s establishment.

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