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Phuong Dong General Hospital provides medical examination and treatment using Health Insurance since January 21st, 2019

Pursuant to the Decision No. 1399/QD-BHXH dated December 22nd, 2014 of the General Director of Vietnam Social Security, promulgating the Regulations on organizing the implementation of health insurances in medical examination and treatment; implementing the Official Letter No. 5187/BHXH-CSYT dated December 10th, 2018 of Vietnam Social Security on the granting of code for medical examination and treatment units accepting health insurances for Phuong Dong General Hospital, Hanoi City.


Since January 01st, 2019, Phuong Dong General Hospital (Address: No. 9 Vien Street, Co Nhue 2 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi), Unit code for medical examination and treatment: 01258; a non-public medical examination and treatment facility have carried out the examination and treatment for outpatients and inpatients using health insurances and have received medical examination and treatment registration.


Phuong Dong General Hospital is invested by Intracom under the model of 5-star hotel hospital, with modern facilities and international standards. The hospital has a system of emergency rooms, 9 specialties, vaccination centers, etc., well meeting the medical examination and treatment needs of people.


The hospital’s implementation of medical examination and treatment under health insurances is a favorable condition for people to receive medical treatment and access to optimal medical services.

With the slogan “Cuddling every life”, Phuong Dong General Hospital is ready to devote all its capabilities, from a team of good doctors with more than 20-30 years of experience to modern equipment and the heart of physicians, to give the patients the best services.

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