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Period of Buddhist Dharma activities in September 2016


7h30: The whole monastery dignified the law and bowed to welcome the religious monks and nuns

8:00 am: The Venerable Palace proclaims the venerable and the ceremony

Penitence – Peace Bridge – Tam Quy Five Precepts pray for a new month of peace and happiness

After the meditation session, the whole monastery is the Most Venerable Thuong Dac Ha Huyen – General Secretary of the Management Board of Lam Yen Tu Zen Buddhism – Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association of Vinh Long Province – Chair of Truc Lam Giac Monastery Thien. Most Venerable Thich Dac Huyen is one of the great disciples of Venerable Master Truc Lam Da Thich Thanh Tu. Although he had just suffered from a disease, he did not hesitate to take care of his health and the distance from the road to the Cuu Hoa Son ashram. His discourse mentioned the example of Tue Trung Thuong Sy, thereby asserting that tu is always seeing his errors. The world is only a temporary realm and affirms in every human being the true, concentric mind of the Buddhas. When cultivation is to know the mind, the nature of that must reduce the greed, anger and ignorance to be liberated. Thereby, we remind us to cherish each moment of life, love and love more.

Here are some photos of the ceremony:


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