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Passion in working on the Lao Cai hydropower plant project on the days when Tet is coming

It is December 21st according to lunar calendar; the spring atmosphere begins to appear in all the Northwest villages. Along the roads leading to Intracom’s hydropower plant cluster in Lao Cai, peach, apricot and plum flowers show off. Located in the middle of majestic mountains, Nam Pung hydropower plant stands out as a highlight for the development here.

Entering the Nam Pung Hydropower Plant, you can hear the noise of the machines and see the hard work of Intracom’s workers and technicians who are busy operating the machines. Every eye and face shows the attention, seriousness and care.


The work of electricity operation requires continuity, regardless of whether it is a normal day or a holiday or Tet. Putting aside the bustle atmosphere in the days when Tet is coming, the operators here still focus their efforts on the work, keeping the operation of the plant smooth and reaching the set schedule and objectives.

Not only at Nam Pung Hydropower Plant, at Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant (one of the 5 plant of Intracom hydropower system in Lao Cai now), the working atmosphere is also very hustle. Remembering that accuracy is the most important condition in electricity operation, Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant’s staff always strictly abides by the regulations of electricity management and operation, ensuring electrical safety, especially during the Lunar New Year holiday.


Before, during and after Tet, the hydropower plants of Intracom, with high determination, are ready to be on duty to fulfill their tasks and maintain the set targets.

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