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Organize training and practicing course, fire fighting and prevention, and rescue at Intracom 2 building 2020

At the professional training session and fire prevention plan practice, employees and residents at the building were informed and instructed about fire prevention and fighting regulations skills, emergency exit, and rescue skills when a fire occurs.

This is professional training and practice of fire prevention and fighting plan held annually by Intracom in collaboration with Bac Tu Liem district police to enhance employees’ and residents’ safety as well as check fire prevention effectiveness at the building.

After the theoretical training, employees and residents moved to the area in front of the building and were instructed and practiced in person by firefighters how to escape in an emergency.

This has an important meaning in raising awareness about fire prevention and fighting of each employee and resident living and working in the building. Enhancing the ability to control and escape from an explosion situation of local fire prevention and fighting force in the area and the cooperation with the professional ones.

Currently, fire protection in every apartment has been a hot issue, getting lots of attention, especially after many recent fires. Therefore, annual training and practice courses to raise employees’ and residents’ awareness are always concentrated on and highly appreciated. The higher awareness is, the more cautious people are about the danger of fire possibility in their living and working place to have preventive solutions early.

In all Intracom buildings, fire alarm systems selected from prestigious providers are always installed in the standard. Fire fighting types of equipment and tools are always fully equipped and available to maximize the safety of employees and residents living and working in the building.

Intracom expects that employees and residents will keep raising awareness and caution of fire prevention and fighting, strictly complying with all government requirements during the time living and working in the building. Furthermore, Intracom expects concern and support from functional forces in this aspect in the future to ensure security over the training and practicing course.

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