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One heart for you

We are born with the desire to have a healthy heart, but somewhere around us there are still many children who are struggling with pain for hours and days. You are looking forward to a miracle.

Congenital heart disease is a disease that accounts for 90% of all cardiovascular diseases in children. The incidence of congenital heart disease ranges from 0.7 to 0.8%, men and women are equally affected, there is no difference between races, geography and social conditions. The mortality rate due to congenital heart disease is very high, accounting for about 15% of total deaths in the neonatal period. Most deaths of congenital heart disease occur in the first two years.

Every parent hopes their children are healthy but not everyone is so lucky when they have congenital heart disease. They almost have to put aside their normal work and life to take their children for medical examination or hospitalization. These difficulties will more or less affect the personal life, work, social relations, relations with family members.

And it was pitiful, when Nguyen Tri Hoang Tu was less than 4 months old, but was born with a congenital heart disease. Chiu Tu is the hope and pride of Mr. Nguyen Tri Truong – member of the Intracom roof. The family situation, which was already difficult, now added to the treatment of Tu’s heart disease, Mr. Truong really did not know how to take care of the amount of VND 60 million to perform the surgery.


Baby Nguyen Tri Hoang Tu – 4 months old

In order to support some difficulties for the family in the past, Intracom roof companies union has launched a campaign to donate to Mr. Truong’s family.

With the mutual affection and heart, “the good leaves protect the torn leaves”, as soon as the program was launched, all employees together with Intracom’s roof joined hands to support and support Mr. Truong’s family over 40 million VND

On May 24, 2014, representatives of the Board of Directors and Trade Union of the Company organized a visit to Tu in the 501 room, the Internal Medicine Department of the Heart Center, Hospital E and gave the money to Mr. Truong. The amount is small but that is the heart, is the sharing, mutual assistance of the staff under the roof of Intracom in difficult times and tribulations.

Our organizers greatly praised the merit and thank everyone.

Some photos at the hospital:

 Đồng chí Nguyễn Công Minh – Phó tổng giám đốc công ty TNHH Tổ hợp y tế Phương Đông và cháu Nguyễn Hoàng Tú

 Đại diện công đoàn công ty

 Ông Lê Đức Hùng – GĐ Dự án điện trao số tiền ủng hộ cho anh Trường

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