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On duty on Lunar New Year holiday at hydropower projects: Workers’ hearts

“Every year, on the 26th or 27th of December according to the lunar calendar, the staff at the power station and the plant all arrange their jobs to come back home, while we, the operation staff, stay here to be on duty on Tet holiday. At the time of New Year’s Eve, we miss our hometown a little, but we always encourage each other to maintain our hearts and complete the work well.

“Working on Lunar New Year holiday is not different from working on normal days; we still have to watch the engines and monitor the parameters of the power source to promptly solve the incidents when they occur anywhere. Sometimes, we also feel sad, but we have to complete the work to ensure the safe and continuous supply of electricity so that everyone can welcome Tet in full joy. Thinking about the joys and happiness of everyone, our own sadness is a little less”.

“In this New Year holiday, staying at Nam Pung, I cannot enjoy fireworks, dishes on New Year’s Eve, go out with friends and enjoy Chung cake. However, in return, I stay with colleagues and do my work, so I feel somewhat comforted.”

“Just like every year, at New Year’s Eve, we, the operation staff, also organize a small party. Each person does a job; some clean the room, some cut the fruit and others decorate the room, etc., helping us reduce our miss to our hometown.”

“On Tet holiday, when staying far away from home, of course, I miss my family. However, at Cam Thuy Hydropower Plant, most of us come from the same hometown, Thanh Hoa, so we consider each other as brothers in a family. Although we cannot stay with our first family during Tet holiday, we may welcome Tet with our second family.”


“I remember that last year, when the new year was coming, the phone at the station suddenly vibrated. After picking up the phone, the other end of the line said, “Happy New Year”. That is the wish of the workers who may come home on Tet holiday. Receiving such wish, I feel happy and deeply touched.”

“I register to be on duty on the Lunar New Year holiday so that my co-worker who got married may come back home with his wife for several days. Bringing some joy to my co-worker is my happiness so staying at the plant with busy work also goes away so I am not very sad.”

“I expect everything to be smooth, safe and convenient and hope my co-workers to have fun and get along with each other like this. I wish all workers in the plant in particular and in Intracom in general to have a successful new year.”

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