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October 20th at Intracom: Full of happiness and smiles

Women have always played an important role in national construction and protection in Vietnamese ethnic history. In the tendency of integration and development of the country, Vietnamese women have overcome all prejudices and challenges to sustain their influence in many social activities and industries.

It is undeniable that despite the differences in circumstances and positions, Intracom women have always made attempts to promote the good dignities of Vietnamese women in both company’s and family’s responsibilities.

Intracom female employees have had many initiatives applied and implemented in separated industries as hydroelectricity, real estate, healthcare, construction, etc. Under any circumstances, Intracom women always deserve the title of “Housework as country work” for their successful duty completion and contribution.

On the occasion of October 20th, 2019, Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) have brought happiness to female employees with meaningful spiritual gifts, containing the special concern and attention of the company and Intracom men to each woman on the day of honoring women.


Intracom would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the women of Intracom in particular and all Vietnamese women, in general, wishing you all a day full of beauty, happiness, and health with your family and shall continue to devote yourselves to the evolution of Intracom and society.

Other pictures of Intracom on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day:

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