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Nam Pung Hydropower Project buys electromechanical equipment from Chinese manufacturers

On the afternoon of October 7, 2009, in Hanoi, the signing ceremony of the contract for the contract of “Supplying electromechanical equipment and technical services (package NP-01) for Nam Pung hydropower project” took place between Cong. Intracom Hydropower Joint Stock Company – Intracom belongs to Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) with Trung Viet Corporation of Guizhou, China (CVC).

Participating in the signing ceremony outside the representative of the two parties signed the contract, there was also the participation of the capital sponsor, Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank and the Finance Leasing Company of the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.
According to the contract, in 13 months, Trung Viet General Corporation of Guizhou, China will provide electrical and mechanical equipment and synchronous technical services to serve the Nam Pung hydropower project including:

– Hydraulic mechanical equipment.
– Electrical equipment in the factory.
– Control equipment for measurement and protection for the whole project.
– System of auxiliary equipment, front globe valve, transformer.
– Equipment for measuring and inspecting the whole project, instructions for installation and test run, synchronizing to the national grid.
– This contract signing ceremony is a step to implement activities to gradually improve Nam Pung hydropower project, contributing to speeding up the construction progress, helping the plant soon put into operation.

Nam Pung hydropower project has an installed capacity of 9.3 MW, owned by Nam Pung Hydropower Joint Stock Company – Intracom.
After completion of the plant, it will provide an annual average electricity output of kWh, meeting the energy demand of Lao Cai province in particular and the northern mountainous provinces in general.

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