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“March meetup” at Intracom: Exciting and meaningful

A birthday is an essential and unforgetful event in any person’s life. Therefore, on this day, besides the care of friends and family, the Intracom employee also celebrates with his/her leaders and coworkers.

To create a friendly environment and promote a frequent exchange of members within the company, Intracom hosts the monthly Birthday celebration event in conjunction with introducing new members of the company. This is also the reason why the event is named “March meetup”.

The program is joined by executives, team leaders, along with all employees. To begin the show, as the company’s representative, Miss Bui Thi Thoa (Vice Director of Intracom) gave out gifts and congratulations to all employees born in March. Along with the celebration, a few new employees were allowed to officially introduce themselves and were able to bond easily with a family that is Intracom.

Sharing at the Event, besides the best wishes, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet (Head Director and President of Intracom) also advise the body of employees to always cultivate their competitive spirit and dedication regardless of adversity. He also promotes helping each other in the work setting and along with Intracom, achieves success.

The meeting hall was filled with joy and excitement with multiple games to relieve the work stress of every week. Every member of that event had a memorable experience and was able to increase their drive to work in Intracom.

Here are a few photos of the program

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