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Intracom Group


Infrastructure Investment and Transport Joint Stock Company (Intracom Group) was established on December 21, 2002 with 100% state capital, operating in the field of real estate investment, clean energy, materials. construction materials, construction installation and medical field. In 2006, the Company equitized enterprises to create a transformation in line with the market mechanism. Currently, Intracom Group has grown strongly in Vietnam, with more than 30 member companies, thousands of employees and hundreds of investment projects in many fields, expanding branches to Singapore and Japan.

Intracom's main areas of activity include:

Intracom Power: Invest in renewable energy projects. From the success of the construction and exploitation of hydroelectric power plants, Intracom Group is continuing to invest in the development of wind power projects, wood power projects, solar power, garbage power... to create an environmentally friendly energy source.

Intracom Environment: Invest in solutions to reduce environmental impacts such as hazardous waste treatment, agricultural waste processing to create high-value raw materials to optimize land value and diversify income sources. …

Intracom Agritech: Focusing on applying science and technology to traceability, post-harvest processing and digitizing agricultural supply chains to create sustainable chain links to help farmers stabilize production and increase prices of agricultural products and ensure a stable source of consumption.

Intracom Responsible Developer: invests in building social projects that lack human needs, integrates solutions to reduce environmental impacts and cares about the harmony of people, nature and the sustainable development of the whole society. In which, focusing on implementing projects in real estate, healthcare, education, logistics development and industrial infrastructure.

Always striving for sustainable development and "Shining with the country", besides investment activities, Intracom also pays great attention to building corporate culture; take care of the development of life for employees. In particular, Intracom is also active in social activities such as giving gifts to disadvantaged people and policy families, sponsoring education and health care, and supporting the construction of facilities for many localities across the country, creating jobs for thousands of workers in the project areas.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet, Chairman of Intracom Group is also always enthusiastic and supportive of the Vietnamese startup community. He joined the Shark Tank program as an "Investment Shark" and has supported capital and business experience for many startups at home and abroad such as CDTS, Tokai, Triip, DalatFOODIE, BluSaigon, Namaste, connecting with the Intracom Group ecosystem to rise up and develop together.

All products and services provided by Intracom Group are formed and developed from the heart, love and responsibility. Intracom Group is always committed to bringing high quality products, perfect services to partners and customers and constantly strives to become a leading multi-industry economic group in Vietnam, contributing to the development of society and national status.













Intracom Group

Message from the leadership

“Our happiness is to make everyone happy!”

Intracom's mission is to bring happiness and peace to partners and customers. Intracom's products are also with the same spirit, everyone must put their hearts into it, which is the love and belief of Intracom creating each product, each house and bringing it to customers, to everyone. “When you serve well, bring a lot of good things to life, of course you also have a part, even if it is a small part, but no less an honor and that is happiness…”

Intracom president


Intracom Group


Bringing peace and happiness to customers, creating value for investors, the environment and the country.


Intracom Group is oriented to develop into a leading multi-industry economic enterprise in Vietnam, creating a green and circular ecosystem; contribute to the protection of a healthy and sustainable environment.

Intracom Group Intracom Group