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Intracom’s footprint in Hanoi’s Real Estate Market

With the mission of “Peace and happiness to customers” with developing business philosophy, Intracom asserts its prestige through high-quality real estate.

Projects with Intracom’s footprints

Intracom’s projects always create heat in the market. Each launch of Intracom’s new product is well received by customers and highly appreciated by the demand. The project highlights are:

Intracom Trung Van, Nam Tu Liem district was built on an area of 23,829m2, including a complex construction of high-rise housing, low-rise housing, office buildings, and public services.

Intracom Cau Dien is located in Phuc Dien, Bac Tu Liem district, and s a complex of apartment and office buildings, that highlights the western gateway of the Hanoi capital.

Intracom Riverside, a complex of apartments and offices, is located in a prime location in Vinh Ngoc, Dong Anh, on the north bank of Nhat Tan Bridge. Intracom’s projects are solely for the improvement of urban life, a reassurance to the brand and position of Intracom within the real estate market.

Intracom Riverside Project in Vinh Ngoc, Dong Anh

The Intracom brand is associated with the mid-range real estate segment

In 2009, even though facing the global economic crisis, the Vietnamese market remained its appeal, especially in the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. 2009 was the milestone and birth of multiple real estate projects, with big investors working on the mass production of projects. But these projects were only accessible to people with high income and re-investors. Therefore, an economic bubble inflated from the constant buying and selling.

Also in 2009, the government announced an investment package named “Social-housing for the period 2009-2015 program”, The target customer of the program is low to middle-income people with housing needs. This would increase the housing supply, stabilize the market, and secure social demand.

However, also at that time, real estate was still incredibly lucrative, and building cheap housing with low profit, estimated at only 10%, did not attract much attention from potential investors.

Despite the context of social housing ing considered inferior, Intracom still invested in the construction of the Intracom Trung Van. The project includes resettlement housing, high-rise, office, public services, and low-rise.

Positioned in a convenient and full of potentipositiononm the project at that time was a perfect, meeting housing needs for middle-income workers within Hanoi.

With its mission, after Trung Van, Intracom continued to implement the Intracom Cau Dien Project, followed by Intracom Riverside. All projects aim to create quality living spaces for modest people.

In addition to the advantage of location and living space, Intracom’s projects also integrate a full range of utilities such as entertainment, parks, commercial centers, medical centers, and schools of all levels.

Targeting mid-range apartment segments, Intracom establishes itself in the real estate market. Currently, Intracom has built a multi-industry ecosystem, marking more in the fields of hydropower, real estate, medical care, production of natural medicinal herbs, and financial investment. In any field, Intracom’s products are aimed at fulfilling the mission of “Bringing peace and happiness to customers”.

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