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Intracom’s co-operation strategy and Internal University in the period of international economic integration

In recent years, between Hanoi University of Internal Affairs and Intracom Group, there have been cooperation, exchanges and relations based on each party’s strengths. To mark the important milestone in furthering the path of cooperation and integration, the two sides agreed and signed a memorandum of comprehensive cooperation in all areas including training and digging. create an enhancement in administrative, personnel and archival work to take advantage of the strengths and meet the needs of each party, on the basis of compliance with the law; respect and trust each other.

At the ceremony, the representative of the company – Ms. Bui Thi Thoa gave 10 scholarships to students with high achievements in study and union work.

In the exchange between guests and the school, Ms. Bui Thi Thoa – Deputy General Director of Intracom Group was very proud to share information of Intracom, the fields of operation of the Company, commitment to students. The school’s job opportunities, dynamic experiences and working environment, professional and policies to sign contracts with individuals with good ability and long-term commitment to Intracom Group. At the same time, affirming with the determination spirit of the two training programs, scientific research, exchange of experiences on related issues will be successful.

Some photos at the ceremony:

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