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Intracom2 sprayed antiseptics and disinfectants against epidemic Covid19

Pneumonia by Coronavirus arising from China has been recently booming and spreading to many countries including Vietnam. Data and figures of disease development reports around the world have shown that the number of infections and deaths have been rapidly increasing daily and predicted to be more complicated in the next period.


Intracom has been proactively implementing many measures of Covid19 prevention to ensure the safety of residents living and working in Intracom’s buildings.


phòng chống dịch Covid19

 Covid19’s epidemic prevention warnings and instructions


At Intracom2 building, Covid19’s epidemic prevention warnings and instructions are posted in conspicuous locations such as elevators and aisles, recommending residents entering and leaving the building to wear masks, restrict to talk and make phone calls in the elevator and crowds, always wash hands with soap and clean water, or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.



Enhance the cleaning of elevators, doors, and glass with antiseptic solution


Intracom2 Building Board of Management sprayed antiseptics and disinfectants Cloramin B on the morning of February 10th to prevent the contagion of the disease.



Intracom2 sprayed antiseptics and disinfectants against epidemic Covid19


Covid19’s anti-epidemic spraying was carried out in common living areas including 03 basements, corridors, stairs, elevators, building halls, children’s area, and other crowded places around the building.


 Spray antiseptics and disinfectants at elevators


In addition to the implementation of Covid19 epidemic prevention such as generalizing on disease symptoms and epidemic prevention measures; counseling on methods to report suspicious manifestations after self-monitoring of health. Intracom2 Building Board of Management also coordinated with Phuc Dien Medical and Police for apartment inspection of foreigners returning from an epidemic area to control the situation and request cooperation in health monitoring.

 Public areas of Intracom are also sprayed with Cloramin B


The proactiveness in Covid19 epidemic prevention of Intracom Board of Managements has shown responsibility to the community, contributing to the fight against pandemic Coronavirus.

Some pictures of Intracom 2 building management actively respond to the Coronavirus:






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