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Intracom workers received the award of “worker of the year 2022”

Recently, the Trade Union of Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (HANDICO) has honored the Good Workers in 2022. Thereby, this is the timely encouragement of good workers and spreading the role models in the style. emulation movement.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong (3rd from the right) – member of the Executive Committee of Intracom Group’s Trade Union received the title of Good Worker of the Corporation’s Union

The Commendation Ceremony for Good Workers in 2022 was held at the headquarters of Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation. From more than 2,500 employees with good achievements in many establishments, the Corporation’s Trade Union has selected 35 outstanding individuals to reward and award the title of “Good worker” in 2022. There are 4 workers honored to receive this title in Intracom Group.

Certificates of merit and rewards for the title of Good Worker are delivered to the workers

Workers of Intracom Group work in many fields from construction, energy, construction… at different levels, but they all have the same noble and good qualities of knowing how to overcome and overcome all difficulties, challenge, overcome the situation, do not mind hard work day and night with the spirit of creativity and thrift.

Intracom workers are constantly improving and improving their working skills

The annual title of the Corporation’s Trade Union proves the thoroughness and timely recognition of the typical examples of skilled and professional workers of Intracom Group. This is also one of the driving forces contributing to creating a dynamic competitive atmosphere in production labor, arousing the spirit of constant learning to strive to improve skills, meet and improve work efficiency.

Intracom workers are important factors contributing to ensuring projects progress and quality

The Intracom Group union hopes that the cores who have won the title of “Good workers” will continue to maintain their achievements and be a factor to spread to the employees in the teams, factories, units and system as a whole.

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