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Intracom – Where Youthful ambitions thrive

After 20 years of development and growth, Infrastructure and Transport Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) is a place brimming with talent, where every employee can express their youth and creativity, helping Intracom “shine with Vietnam”.

Intracom – where youthful ambitions thrive

Intracom prides itself on its ability to attract motivated talents and experienced workers. In Intracom, we assign jobs based on expertise and capacity for work. The Company is in a time of change, especially in policies to attract talented people a promote their strengths.

The Company’s Board of Directors, especially the Chairman of the Board,  and Head Director Nguyen Thanh Viet encourages employees to be proactive and creative in work. Every idea is respected, considered for implementation, and has a reward policy. Individuals are then highly motivated to work and keep an authentic mind to help with their work ethic and career.

Along with the open working policies, the Board of Directors also trains employees and builds on their respective fields and expertise, as well as work culture.

Intracom – A happy work environment

Working in Intracom is similar to the family for every employee. Our company culture revolves around “Compassion – Wisdom – Altruism” built on the teachings of Buddhism. The principle consists of no hate or unfair treatment in both business and life. Our goal in Intracom is to protect and create value for each other to achieve the same destination of prosperity and happiness.

To grow the employee’s attachment to the company, the Board of Directors focuses on constantly improving the employees’ welfare. Successful business strategies and plans generate revenue and profit, and in turn the income of Intracom’s employees.

Not only materialistic, Intracom often hosts events to improve the emotional and spiritual life among the members of the group. With a healthier and sharper mind, Intracom employees can have an easier time dedicating themselves to fulfilling Intracom’s mission of “peace and happiness to customers”.

Humanity is always the center of Intracom’s main concerns, as stated by President Nguyen Thanh Viet: “With humans as core, we can break all limits.” Therefore, in the establishment and development of the company, Intracom always strives to build a peaceful community and business.

With those guidelines, during the 19 years since its establishment, Intracom has become a ship overcoming ups and downs to accomplish its mission. Each Intracom employee contributes as an inseparable link, to the spirit of “shine with Vietnam”.

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