Intracom Group

Intracom welcomes the spring of Tan Suu 2021, beginning a new year full of happiness

Intracom employees gathered at Intracom 2 building (Phuc Dien Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi) on the first day of the year to send their colleagues best wishes for a new year.

In the warm and solemn atmosphere, the company leaders expressed their sincerity and encouragement wishing all employees the determination for plans in the future, aiming to the optimistic growth this year.

Besides, lucky money is always a part of the new year welcoming tradition at the beginning of every year.

After a year full of turbulence by the Covid-19 pandemic, Intracom’s persistence is the most obvious proof of motivation and belief to begin the prosperous New Year 2021 with the determination to welcome new challenges and breakthroughs of the big family Intracom.

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