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Intracom upholds the principle “ When one drinks water, one must remember its source”

In the fight for independence and freedom, millions of Vietnamese were willing to offer their lives and youths for the sake of our country. For that noble cause, many suffered lifelong injuries and even sacrificed their lives.

74 years ago, Ho Chi Minh had appointed the 27th of July every year to “show filial piety” towards wounded veterans and martyrs’ families. He instructed: “The injured, the sick and their families have served our nation and its people… Our country, our family needs to show appreciation, and help our heroes”.

Learning from Ho Chi Minh’s teaching, for many years, Intracom has always worked on repaying and participating in the movement of “All Vietnamese must care for the wounded, martyrs and people who had serviced the revolution.

In past years, Intracom and Phuong Dong General Hospital have hosted many events of hospital examinations and free examinations for the soldiers living close to Intracom’s projects such as Vinh Ngoc commune, Dong Anh district; Co Nhue 2 ward, Bac Tu Liem district…

This year, in the face of the pandemic, Intracom could not host events of incense commemoration and health examination. However, the company sent meaningful gifts to employees who have relatives that have people who have served in the revolution. 

By helping our heroes, Intracom has and will always follow the tradition and principle of “When one drinks water, one must remember its source”. Through these actions, Intracom educates the growing generation and thanks the prior generations to give Vietnam the independence it deserves.

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