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Intracom Trade Union: Worker considerations during Lunar New Year

For Tiger New Year, the Trade Union hosted a party and gave gifts to all employees, and workers, from offices to factories… Small but meaningful gifts; The union takes care of the worker’s welfare. 

Ms. Bui Thi Thoa – the President of Intracom Trade Union states that due to the complications of the pandemic, the Trade Union could not organize the same activities annually, therefore the Union focused on visiting, to support officials and employees.

Awards were given to 4 individuals and 2 groups for their contribution to trade union activities.

The union gifted 260 bags to all union members and employees.

Another 9 gifts were sent to 9 union members with difficult circumstances.

The union commended 2 excellent workers of 2021.

Another 16 gifts for 16 employees who could not return to their hometown for Tet.

In 2021, Intracom roup’s Trade Union has achieved both economic goals and pandemic prevention. There is unity in work within the union, which maximized productivity in our common mission.

Besides direct gifts and awards for the union members, the Trade Union also expressed its views on pandemic prevention on construction sites leading up to Lunar New Year and the days after. The Union wishes employees to return safely and healthily.

Below are the pictures of the gift-giving ceremony:

Đánh giá
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