Intracom Group

Intracom Trade Union innovates and creates for the rights and interests of employees

All for the benefit of workers and the development of the company

The Trade Union played an essential role in Intracom’s growth. It can be said, Intracom Trade Union has always fulfilled its role, that is to contribute to the output efficiency of Intracom’s business. The Union always strictly collaborated with executives in creating and changing work regulations, advising, and proposing ideas on employee rights and a good working environment, increasing work productivity.

Not only on the materialistic side but Intracom Trade Union also actively take care of employees’ mental life such as company culture, activities, sports, tours, and holidays … They also conduct visits on sick employees and develop policies for their family members.

In the first 7 months of 2021, and facing the pandemic, the Union had to change its values and assure social safety, but also company growth. Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, all employees within Intracom were able to unite to focus on work production.

Change, create and upgrade the efficiency of the Union

This year, the Vietnamese Union has aged 92, a big milestone. Therefore, The Political Bureau issued resolution 02-NQ/TƯ date June 12th, 2021 on “Renovating the organization and operation of the Trade Union”. The overall objective is “Building a strong and comprehensive Vietnamese trade union, capable of adapting and solving problems, to adapt, pioneer, and carry rapidly tasks in the everchanging development of the country”.

In the new environment, Intracom Trade Union is determined to innovate, and build a team of professional trade union officials, qualified and capable to perform well in the role of leading, inspiring, and uniting employees. Strive for organization and openness in the union, and proactively collaborate with the Board of Directors to care about the welfare of Intracom’s members. Vice versa, the Trade Union will coordinate with the Board of Directors to develop production and business programs for the company. All for the benefit of finance and mental life of its union members.

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, under the strength of the Union, the rights of employees are secured and upgraded, creating a united community. Which then supports the foundation that increases the competitiveness and reputation of the Intracom brand.

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