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Intracom successfully thanks to create community values

Accordingly businesses can participate in the process of creating common values ​​at different levels, from providing society with better products, at more reasonable prices, to participating in well manage natural resources, promote socio-economic development, with particular emphasis on creating conditions to promote the development of economic sectors in the locality.

Successful “value creation” model at Intracom

Antracom Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company was established in 2002 with the goal of “Shining with the country” next to a team of nearly 1,000 employees including engineers, experts, employees and workers. Technical personnel, construction workers are well-trained and dedicated to the work. Along with the strength of being a company specializing in the construction of infrastructure and transportation works, such as hydropower and bridge projects, Intracom has successfully established itself by meeting the needs of a society. practical way and by capturing business opportunities that benefit the company.

Intracom’s modern apartment and office buildings always aim at urban civilization beauty; The hydropower projects invested by Intracom will soon merge into the national electricity network, reducing the burden of economic costs for the electricity industry and providing stable local power for the economic development of the commune. Association of provinces. In addition, the projects and projects of Intracom also solve the situation of unemployment in some localities, technical workers in vocational schools get jobs, ensure life and professional development.

After nearly 10 years of development, Intracom’s production and business investment projects in the field of construction and installation, road and bridge construction, construction of civil works, traffic works, construction material production Construction, financial investment, especially the project of Intracom Oriental Medical Complex is being developed and built towards a dedication and community service, …

It can be said that Intracom Investment and Infrastructure Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company has been trusted by the analysts and investors about quality and prestige. But all are always aware that Intracom’s path of branding and sustainable development requires the company to strive constantly. The remarkable thing is that Intracom has known to create common values, maintain and foster the common value to Intracom forever as a bright star in the sky of Vietnam, forever reaching out to reach and shine with the country.

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